“Oops, I Did It Again”

by | Apr 2, 2024 | seth godin experiment

Seth Godin, I let you down.

I had to miss the first couple of days of daily blogging . . . right after saying I’d do it every day. But that gives me an opportunity to bring up a tip I’ve learned along the writing path. 

path next to a river with the words "miles to go"

Things will happen. Despite your best efforts, you will miss some of the things you set out to do, especially if, like me, you set out to do way too many things.

Part of the reason I have Seth Godin so forefront in my mind is that I’m reading his book The Practice. I started reading it in 2023, and then a bunch of life happened, so I had to stop halfway through (Do you notice a pattern?). Now I’m finishing The Practice, and it kind of seems like the break was meant to be. I was getting back into it, and then a holiday happened.

a tablet showing the ebook of The Practice on a page that says The Professional

I have a love/hate relationship with holidays and breaks in general. I want to enjoy them, but they stir up my emotions, and make it impossible to focus on one thing. I always end them feeling both exhausted and like I haven’t done enough. I am really uncomfortable doing the one thing I need most: rest.

Easter weekend was much more difficult than I anticipated. I pre-planned an easy dinner, shopped for gifts early, and stopped myself from going overboard, and I thought I was in a good place. Easter isn’t even that big of a holiday, is it? Not now, anyway.

Growing up in a Catholic family meant Easter was the holiest day of the year. After an entire month dedicated to the idea of sacrifice, there was a jubilant celebration of eggs and bunnies and crucifixions. 

Easter confused me. Memories of happily dying eggs with my dad while  The Greatest Story Ever Told played in the background. I can smell the vinegar in the dye and the ever-present second-hand smoke of the 1980s. I can see Jesus bloody, and hear him calling from the cross, Father forgive them.

How lucky I was to have parents who did all the things. 

I miss them. And even though Easter doesn’t seem as big as it once did, the tremendous guilt persists. This year, Easter was hard. And I wasn’t prepared. Sometimes I feel like all I do is prepare, and yet the time comes, and I am still woefully unprepared.

The thing I’ve learned is that in those moments I have to wing it. I must trust that even though it seems like I’ve forgotten everything, the preparation was not in vain. The information is still in there somewhere, and I just have to feel my way through.

a tablet showing the ebook of The Practice on a page that says Trust Your Self

I did write some stuff over the past few days, but nothing I felt comfortable sharing.

The guilt of not posting was swift and intense. But I was nice to the artist. I forgave her.

Today I picked up some of those fleeting ideas, and stitched them into this blog. 

I am still getting used to the ebb and flow of this everyday blog stuff. I am stuck on this unrealistic belief that everything I write must be profound, and blogs just aren’t generally profound.

I realize now that part of the importance of daily blogging is to chip away at my tendency toward perfectionism. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I will talk to you tomorrow.

K. Bye



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