fiction by Marie Jaskulka

As Forgotten Girl faces the breakup of her parents and her mom’s paralyzing depression, she meets Random Boy, who, like her, feels like an outcast and secretly writes poetry to deal.

Their poems come together to tell their unique love story in their lost marble notebook.

nonfiction books by Marie Jaskulka

Examines the history of the German shoe and apparel brand and its place in the sports world today. Readers will learn about the company’s founder, innovative products, and controversies. With exciting sports photos and in-depth sidebars, the book presents a well-rounded picture of the Adidas brand. 

Highlights the life and accomplishments of Tyler, the Creator. Readers learn about Tyler’s early life, inspiration to pursue music, and successes as a hip-hop artist. With striking photographs and sidebars, the book also explores Tyler’s work with Odd Future, his colorful and innovative style, and his ventures into fashion and television. 

More media is available than at any time in human history. We’ve never had more ways to create and distribute media of our own. Find out about the tools and techniques professional content creators use, and how everyday people can make their own. Making Media examines both the technical and artistic side of making web content.


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