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by | Jan 23, 2024 | write club

I’ve been procrastinating on writing (which I allegedly love) so long that I’ve become a self-professed expert on the problem.

I don’t sit down and write so much as fly around my ideas like a buzzard, dropping in once in a while to peck at them and check for life. When I try to zoom in and work on one book, one paragraph, one blog, my mind wants to take flight and scan the file cabinet horizons for other unfinished stories.

I feel all kinds of guilt for the unchosen projects, the higher paying undone work, the cleaning and cooking that I feel guilty about feeling guilty about because I’m a feminist for Pete’s sake.

But here I am, coming in for a landing.

Remember this scene from Dead Poets Society that launched a thousand English majors?

O Me! O Life! Why now for a blog relaunch?
Because the powerful reality show goes on, and I may contribute a season.

I can’t not write. I have the writing disease, which sounds like a made-up thing, but it’s not. There are whole books about Hypergraphia: the Incurable Disease of Writing. The word disease comes from dis-ease. I am uneasy when not writing. 

Procrastinating for writers isn’t really about writing because we’re always writing. It’s about not finishing what we write. Not sharing, publishing, or “shipping.” 

I’m an expert on creative writing because I developed the writing disease when I was a kid.

It’s recently come to my attention that despite armageddon fast approaching, and AI threatening to take over all creativity, teenagers are still writing. That gives me hope and reminds me how writing helped me navigate all kinds of tough stuff when I was young. And reading gave me a safe place to escape.

When people hear I write, they often want to talk about it. But if they write, they want me to read their work because I get their dis-ease. I’m not going to just listen. I’m going to genuinely feel their emotions for a while. People who get it are in an exclusive club just like the Jeep people.

We get that human beings feel emotions that can’t be explained or processed logically or even looked at directly sometimes. But they can be circled, pecked at slowly, and devoured. And that doing so has value.

This is a blog about writing for those people. Yeah, AI could do it, but that’s not the point. Step off, AI. We got this. What do you write and why? Send me your answers for real. I want to know.



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