Hi, I’m Marie.

I write stories.

Here’s my story.

The Short Version

I’m the author of a YA novel-in-verse called The Lost Marble Notebook of Forgotten Girl & Random Boy. Published in 2015, it got great reviews. Kirkus gave it a starred review.

Since then I’ve been busy writing nonfiction, being a mom, and living life.

I’ve decided to start blogging about everything I’ve learned about making a living as a writer, so welcome to my newly redesigned site.

The Unabridged Version

I’ve been getting captivated by stories for as long as I can remember. One of the first writers I fell for was Judy Blume.

I grew up in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia. As a teenager, I moved to Northeastern Pennsylvania, which is about as city-mouse-to-country-mouse as it gets.

During those HS years, I found Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes, and Kurt Vonnegut. I found Creative Writing class.

As an English major In college, it was Jane Austen, Anne Sexton, and the Beat Generation.

Next, I moved to Alaska to get an MFA. There, I found out all serious authors write short stories, and the writeriest short story writer of them all is Flannery O’Connor, followed closely by Raymond Carver. So I read them.

I read anybody smart people told me was great, and I also got sick of The Great sometimes and devoured  books literary people scoffed at, like The Twilight Saga and the entire self-published new-adult romance wave of the early 2000s.

And then it happened. After 20-some years of trying to get a book contract, I did it!

I have to take a minute and say that again because it’s a big deal.

This is little Marie, or as my dad called me, Ree.

She wanted to be an author.

So when I finally got a real live book contract, I was floored. Here’s a picture of the first time I saw my own book on a shelf in Barnes & Noble.

It was a crazy experience and changed my whole life, not because I got rich and famous, but because when you have been chasing a thing since the fourth grade, something happens inside you when you finally catch it. I am going to write about this experience one day and link it here. But for now, I will just say that I fell into a pressure cauldron where I stewed for a while until 2023 when I climbed out this glorious phoenix you see before you.

It sounds like I went into hiding at a monastery, but not really.

I wrote some nonfiction books.

I fell in love with Tyler the Creator when I wrote a book about him.

I fell in love with Mr. Puma when I wrote about him.

And when I wrote about making web content, I fell in love with the idea of relaunching my site as a little corner on the internet that bookish people might enjoy.

Now that my child is old enough to ask when my next book is coming out, I figure it’s time to get back to writing.

Welcome to my newly redesigned site. Thanks for reading the unabridged version! Want to read more? Sign up for my mailing list, ’cause I’m about to start blogging like it’s 1999.

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